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16 May 2007 @ 03:35 pm
well its that time again... for my yearly tribute to the people that have affected my life.... gawd there are alot this year... go check out last years http://deadlymistake.livejournal.com/2006/05/12/

First of all to the love of my life Agony: Wow this year has been insane to say the least. I dont even know what to say to you except I love you sooo much. we have made it through the toughest year (well almost)and we are still together... through appartments, animals, ups and downs, craziness, parties, personal times and everything else imaginable. You are amazing. Heres to the rest of our lives.

My Angel: I didnt see much of you this year but the times we spent were very special to me. I hope to see you more this summer maybe or something. I am sorry if i hurt you at all I didnt want to it was just time to move on. I still love you just in a different way and always will. If you still pray, say one for me okay?

Shell and Shorty: heheheh have some drama right? Lol you guys are great, cant wait for the next party wink wink lol... anyway we gots to get together sometime soon. anywhoo you guys made the year very interesting and cant wait for the next years and all the years after that. Shell i love you now and forever and I miss you so much.

Dan: wow kid, crazy year. You are wicked dude and i dont even know. Lots of drama this year, specially g/f drama. You need to come visit me asap cause i misses you. much love

My best friend: hun i miss you. Hopefully you are moving home for the summer and you can come visit me. I def need you around to listen and give me good advice. Hope this year was mostly good to you. i will call you when i get my new fone.

Mike: you are awesome kid. I am soo glad that you are my friend now. Thanks for coming to my birthday "party" lol good times. You are fawking crazy but its great. oh and mom wants you to come to her birthday party in august lol!!

Adam: another awesome person i "met" this year thru agony. Thanks for being around. cant wait for zombie u to be finished lol! You are great for putting up with our "stonedness" lol

Miss Geneva: I MISS YOOOOOOOU!!!!! Thanks for coming down over vacation it was soo awesome to spend time with you. You best be coming over this summer or i will be very sad!

Raul: you probably will never see this but i wouldnt have made it thru with out your services. And your son is sooo cute lol.

Melly and Melissa: No clubbing this year :(.... but def next year! hopefully i will see you both over the summer. thanks for coming to our parties!

Brian: I've enjoyed helping with your movie... cant wait to see the finished product.... looks great from what ive seen so far lol....

Auntie's lil Juggalo: I love you baby. I am so sorry that we all let bad things happen to you. You made our lives so much brighter when you were around and we miss your smiling face in our house. Can't wait to see you again.

Kassie: Sweetie we love you bottom line. Hopefully things will get better for you and life will be good. Try hard to get things back together and work to graduate and have a good base to work with. Im sure ill see you again soon.

The albino moose: I am very very disapointed with you. Im not sure what happened but i will forever remember that night. I hope you are getting the help you need, but i still luv you.

my family: well then im not even sure. its wierd that I am not "coming home" this summer. living on my own is alot harder than i thought but thank you for all the support. I learned alot from you guys and am now realizing where alot of my ideas and thoughts come from. Thank you!!

Agony's family: well you guys are alot different than what im used to but all in all ya'll are alright. Thank you for your amazing son, he really is awesome.

My juggalo family: Much mutha fawking wicked clown love to each and everyone of you!!!

My hopes for the next year: Get back into school, find a good job, maybe think about children, maybe get married, stay in touch with all my friends and have lots of good times!!

Well thats it until next year... anyone i missed just know i love you all very much!! MMFWSKCL!!!
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08 February 2007 @ 01:57 am
I got a ferret!!!! No really I did...his name is chippy...hes wicked cute... I got him from a friend cause she is moving away and couldnt take him. She gave us everything for him.. cage (3 stories high), food, water, bedding, toys and other thingies.. hopefully i will have pics tomorrow on my myspace (www.myspace.com/purdyangel)
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31 January 2007 @ 01:40 pm
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28 January 2007 @ 12:46 pm
so my weeked has been absoluty wonderful... not

Went to my nefew's 2nd birthday yesterday... it was at a Chinese food resteraunt.....kinda chaotic because all the people there were teens.... i felt old.... but i love spending time with my little lo so its okay... went to dinner at the 9's... got home and was watching Carnivale because it fawking rocks and i <3 it.... was almost asleep (i was letting the boi catch up on the episode he missed) and suddent there was a loud bang that jolted me awake... our neighbor had hit the house with his car.... fawcked up the whole back wall.. the wall where the couch we were sitting on just happens to be against.... then he went to get some beer... we spent 5+ hourse in the ER getting checked out.... couldnt get a hold of the landlords all night...found out later that he is from nh where they dont require insurennce so he doent have any.... got up this morning to go to work... got there but left shortly after to get back here to deal with house stuffs.... on the ride home the car in front of me kicked up all this mud onto my windshield and left me with no visability... had to pull off of the road on the left side totally blind...skidded a bunch on the wet grass but the car and me were okay... called the cops and they sent a trooper to help me get back on the highway... so yeah basically i just want to curl up and cry lol.... but it should be okay....
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23 January 2007 @ 02:17 pm
Hey I am wicked sorry I just dont do this journaling thing as often as I used to... probably cause I spend less time infront of the computer now that I have my own place.... well things have been interesting...xmas party.. little too much drama for me but it was still fun... cant wait till the pimps and hoes party!!!... ummm xmas was alot of stuffs... SKEEZY MOTEL PARTY!!~ WHY IS THE RUM GONE??? thats all I have to say about that.... new years we went to boston until like 9 pm and then home where i celebrated with goldschlager and rum... umm been working 3 jobs for a grand total of 15 hours a week... but i enjoy them for the most part.. specially saturdays at camp paul... i love the kids there they are so much fun and very interesting... my babies are getting big (the kitties not humans LOL) they are a little over 2 months now...teddy is yellow and white and his sister Boo is a calico... they are wicked cute... anywhoo... need to find a job wicked bad.... and gotta get my school deal all figured out... argh.... other than that "family" life has been rough.... living with someone isnt as easy as it seems.. but we are working thru it...oh well ill write more later!!

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16 November 2006 @ 11:47 pm
So cause I was sick over the weekend and most of this week or atleast busy with important things until today I didnt get to register till today.... well now all the classes are full and I dont know what I want to do... I had kinda planned to take a semester off at some point to deal with other things and get my life back on track... so maybe ill just do 1 or 2 fun classes to stay in dance but the only problem is that i need health insurence... so my options are try for a full course load.... not have insurence... or get married.... what to do?

Okay I need to know if this sounds selfish to anyone.. I am kinda aggrivated that my boyfriend works like 70 hours a week... okay the whole idea of living together was so we could see eachother more... well he gets up at like 7 and i dont see him till after 10 some nights... It aggrivates me cause like i want him to be around more but we need the money...argh

Also does anyone know anything about breeding cats? I have a kitty and we think she is going to have kittens and we are not so sure what to do.. any suggestions? or does anyone know anyone who would want to buy a kitten (they make great xmas gifts LOL)... comment and let me know
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10 November 2006 @ 02:48 pm
soo yeah I spent like 4 hours in the ER last night.... after a day of not being able to breathe (no help from my nebulizer) and having my body revolt on me.... it was not so much fun cause agony didnt force me into going till like after 11 so we didnt get home till like 2ish or something (dont remember)... at the er they did the regular shit... gave me lots of steriods and a perscription for more steriods LOL....but i do feel alot better now... however i now cant work all weekend which means calling 3 seperate jobs to tell them (i work 1 job on friday, 1 on saturday, and 1 on sunday..... i know its wierd but it keeps me interested and they are all in the same field) and the job for today was my first day but because its 1:1 with a little boi who has prader willi and autism I dont want to he getting him sick. Anywhoo.... gotta finish agony's xmas gifts...its hard trying to work around his schedule cause i can only work on them when he is not home but he is working all day today so imma try to get some done
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26 October 2006 @ 04:47 pm
hey peoples...
quick synopsis of recent events...umm made it into 1 tryout dance (african)so I am doing a total of 4 classes....ummm went to salem again got lots of good stuffs.... Our party was last saturday.. went very well... lots of good people to chill with....got kinda drunk and told everyone i loved them (but of course i really do LOL)... only bad thing is i wish more of my close friends showed up....but oh well its good to chill with new peoples....friday going to salem again to see cry innocence... then friday night is hallowicked... cant fawking wait for that shit... this weekend is set up for the nepc haunted house... monday is the party... tuesday going to see saw III, handing out candy and going clubbing with the crew...only have like a few more things to buy for christmas and ordered all of my sisters birthday gifts just waiting for them to arrive.....ahh i heart my life for the most part..
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15 October 2006 @ 02:21 am
well I forget to post but now i will....we went out for our anniversary last friday... dinner...peircing (industrial) and a movie... good times...
This past week was okay... didnt make it into a few dance classes... one tryout left... but I am def doing jazz, lyrical and modern and still going to try for a solo. Other than that went to salem yesterday.... haunted houses... cool stores.. got some spiffy pics... Ill post one later..
Started my new job today... back at the paul center saturdays and maybe fridays... its fun...
Almost done christmas shopping... LOL I know Im early but im making all my gifts so I gotta start asap... also getting ready for my halloween party next weekend...cant wait
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06 October 2006 @ 10:57 am
hello peoples,
sitting here in a funny feeling face masque cause it is supposed to make your face feel better or something... anywhoo just waiting for it to dry so i can eat something and start getting ready for my secret plans....I still have no idea what we are doing or anything(sept i know its for our anniversary...4 months)  but i decided to play the stakes game so i got a new outfit that i know he will like alot.... hehehehe hopefully we still are able to make it to all our plans...eek I am wicked excited.. LOL.. i will def write about what we do
Anywhoo...another long week of classes and dance and now I have to drive myself cause the boy got a job so he cant drive me anymore.... grrr LOL doing things for myself sucks...
 nhbnrbnehbnwtsewedfijkjkghvbiokbnivu8ui   qokloklqoklklilili (from my kitty, Punkin)
A quick note to someone out there that i know reads this.....i miss you a bit....wish you didnt abandon me as a friend...
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